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Home Computing Weekly

Demon Decorator
By Micro Power
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #29

This is the kind of decorating I could enjoy. The game features the unlikely combination of a paint roller chased by an octopus around a grid. The aim is to guide the roller to paint in the grid squares and points are awarded for each square completed.

If the octopus gets too close for comfort pressing the 'stun' key immobilises him for a few seconds. Only five stuns are available, unless you can collect extra stun diamonds on your travels around the grid. The completion of a full grid earns you an extra roller.

The instructions on the cassette insert are adequate, and the program also indicates which keys to use.

The graphics are quite good and the action is smooth, apart from the actual filling in of a square which is a little jerky.

As each grid is completed, the octopus gets a little faster on the next level - so save those stuns as long as you can.

One useful feature, games programmers please note, is a pause and restart facility, which is just the thing for those occasions when the phone rings as you are about to beat your high score.

No obvious bugs were detected, although occasionally the roller did seem to have a mind of its own.


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