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Home Computing Weekly

Cosmic Combat
By Micro Power
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #48

A two-player space combat game using high-resolution mode 4, which offers only two colours, so you have the choice of black and white or two-colour display.

There are six battle scenes to choose from. The player who zaps the other's ship the most number of times in 100 seconds wins. You choose the effective range of the bullets, thus giving the option of long or close range combat. The option of a border or wrap-around is also available. Action is smooth and sound effects (reminiscent of Acornsoft's Planetoids) good.

Control keys could have been better chosen, and a joystick option would be useful. The twinkling stars do not twinkle in space, and having to go through the instructions to start each game is annoying. A more serious fault allows bullets to pass harmlessly straight through ships on occasions. The game could also be improved by a choice of skill levels controlling the speed of the ships and an option to play against the computer.


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