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Home Computing Weekly

Mail Order Monsters
By Electronic Arts
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #129

When it comes to game concepts, the Americans seem to have some pretty bizarre ideas. This game is possibly the zaniest I've seen to date. The idea is simple, you must enter your pet monster in a fight to the death against another.

So where do you get your monster? The answer is in your mail order catalogue! First you choose one of 12 basic MORPHS - Mail Order Psychon Heroes. These range from crabs to dinosaurs. With the balance of your available cash you then buy a series of extras. These include armour and weapons as well as monster's attributes - speed, muscle, etc. The choices give you a huge range of possible monsters. Once all is set, you choose the type of battle and the terrain. Three types of battle are possible - straight hand to hand destruction, capturing flags and dealing with a hoard of invaders.

Beyond this basic game, you can progress to tournament which offers many other refinements. Surprisingly enough, this isn't a mindless zap-the-nasty game, and tactics and thought are an integral factor.

Not surprisingly, the graphics are to a high standard with some splendid multicolour monsters. The view of the action is from above with a scrolling map of the terrain. When the combatants engage, the map zooms in to the immediate area of battle.

This is a novel game which is great fun to play and a fair challenge. The price is a touch too high even for a disc based game.