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Storm Warrior
By Front Runner
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #97

Have you ever day-dreamed about being a super-hero...? Well, Storm Warrior may be the answer to your dream.

You take the part of the warrior on a quest to find and destroy the Sacred Skull. You have the choice of five levels of difficulty, ranging from Beginner to Master. Once this is chosen you start your journey through the game's twelve screens - for the less adventurous there is a demonstration mode.

The games range from hitting a ball of light past an evil creature which throws thunderbolts at you, battling on a bridge, to fighting in an underground cavern with assorted nasties.

The program is graphically very good and the sound effects and music match, but overall the game has one huge drawback - it is appallingly difficult. For the hardened games player, this may seem trivial, but any game which, even at beginners level, makes it hard to get past the second screen, seems to be tough going on the new user.

Beautifully presented, but marred by its difficulty.