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Home Computing Weekly

Frantic Freddie
By Audiogenic
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #71

If the adversaries in this game are typical of those met by British Telecom engineers who climb telegraph poles, I'm glad I chose another vocation.

Whilst the design isn't wholly original, the execution is superb. Display consists of a number of platforms linked by telegraph poles. On these levels are located pots of gold.

You control Freddie, whose aim is to collect the pots. Inevitably, they are guarded by nasties called Greeblies. Three nasties each have a different method of tracking Freddie down.

Each screen has different nasties including frogs, spiders, crabs and savage angelic-faced foes. If they catch you they throw you off the platforms. You hit the ground with a thud which causes the whole screen to shake.

Between screens, short amusing interludes are performed. The quality of design of the characters and their animation is excellent. Each screen is accompanied by a new, brilliantly performed piece of music.

The game is appallingly addictive and will keep you amused for hours. I feel it is overpriced; £9-£10 would be nearer the mark. Try it, you won't regret it!