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Home Computing Weekly

Software Star
By Addictive Games
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #103

This is the new game from Kevin Toms, designer of Football Manager, and as such follows the same son of idea. You are given a year to launch and run a successful company.

In your first year your target figure is £10,000 and if you are successful your board of directors will expect even greater things of you. Your job as managing director seems to be a one-man affair. As well as starting new products you also have to sort out launch, advertising and progress whilst dealing with the management of the sales and development. Along with your financial worries it's enough to give you ulcers.

The instructions to the game are adequately set out on the insert to the cassette. Unfortunately it's not a fast loader, so it's a case of setting it loading and having a cup of tea.

Once loaded the graphics consisted of pages of script about the state of play with the occasional graphs. The highpoint of these is games chart, where you can watch as your game, or games, climb and hopefully trigger the No 1 page to reach the pinnacle of software stardom. Sound is practically non-existent. Overall the game is fun to play a few times, but not as addictive as the package would have you believe.