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Home Computing Weekly

Dark Tower
By Melbourne House
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #104

In this graphical adventure from Melbourne House, you play the part of Prince Harry. This unfortunate individual has been zapped by the guardian of the dark tower and has mutated into a being not dissimilar to a green potato with legs. The aim is simple, you must collect all the jewels from the 28 rooms in the tower. Once this is done you have a final room to solve:

Each room has the usual ladders, platforms, ropes etc. to enable you to collect the jewels which are protected by a wide variety of robots and other objects, each patrolling a specific area. The problem is to sort out the exact sequence of jumps, moves and other activities necessary to collect the jewels. Hence, this game requires great patience and dexterity. If you collect all the jewels in a room, you get a code letter. The first 500 people who use these 28 letters to solve the final problem will win a free game.

Graphically, this game is well designed but not exceptional. The background music however, is superbly written and arranged. The degree of difficulty of the screens varies markedly. Pavloda is used with a few tweaks which give a pretty, high-resolution picture. Loading was fault free. Some are quite simple whilst some are diabolical.

Whilst I enjoyed this game, it isn't particularly original and not quite as addictive as some. Notwithstanding this reservation, this game is certainly worth checking out.