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Home Computing Weekly

World Geography
By Superior
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #95

Do you know the capital of Kiribati? Neither do I. I don't know its population either. As both these facts form the basis of this program I didn't do very well.

The aim is to test your knowledge of world geography. It has eight levels of difficulty and options to answer questions on the capitals of countries, populations of both. The screen consists of a world map, boxes to show your level, the number of the question, and your overall score.

When you are asked a question a light flashes and a bell rings. There are eight levels, starting at number one with the more well known countries, e.g. UK, France, USA, Japan and proceeds through the less well-known i.e. United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Belize. Level eight contains many really obscure islands. Your other option is to key in the population of the countries in question. Even with an error allowance of twenty per cent this is very difficult.

Considering the great variety I found this limited. Any incorrect response is not corrected, thus you cannot learn from your mistakes.