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Jungle Trouble
By Durell
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #32

Get axe, jump river on stepping-stones, cut down forest, swing over flaming pit, jump widening chasm and run for home.

Sounds simple but... if you don't get the run-up just right, in you go! With luck, you can run back to the bank, hungry crocodile jaws snapping at your bottom.

Chopping trees quickly blunts axes and it's back across the river for another.

Jungle Trouble

And the 'blooming monkeys' keep stealing your axe. You can kill them with a sharp axe if you're quick - I only managed it once!

Falling trees can ruin your health, swinging the pit needs judgement and hesitation thereafter makes clearing the chasm impossible.

The display is divided into four, Monkeys and Spare Men sit at the bottom, next comes the river, connected to the forest by a ladder, and another ladder connects the forest to the pit and final jump.

The graphics are fun. Three monkeys and three men parade with ceremony, and there are some nice touches of humour.

Four Speeds of Play - No. 1 confusingly being the fastest - movement by cursor keys - a running score is displayed and there is a hall of fame.


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