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Home Computing Weekly

Potty Pigeon
By Gremlin
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #93

Not having seen any other products from this company I have to remark at how good the screens are visually. This is a fetch-and carry game with eleven screens and each one has its features and surprises.

You are transformed into a pigeon called Percy and a difficult life it is. trying to bring up four young fledglings and with so many predators to overcome.

The movement of Percy is nothing less than excellent. I cannot get over how like a pigeon he looks. The first screen shows the tree and nest and you must return here to deposit the worms that you gather.

The major problem is that flying is a very energetic exercise an after a few seconds you have to rest on a ledge. The predators vary from eagles to helicopters and cars but all are hard to avoid. Your only means of defense being the exploding eggs that you drop. Levels are available for super pigeons but you have to eat a great deal of dirt to get that far.

This is a great game and bound to be a winner.


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