Home Computing Weekly

Draw 15

Author: D.M.
Publisher: Fowler
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #52

Draw 15 is a utility, also available as a listing for £2, which allows you to design and colour shapes, using an almost unlimited number of character squares, store the shapes above RAMTOP and, using a Basic routine listed, POKE them to the screen as required. In other words, you can move your own shapes about the screen.

You can, of course, achieve the same using the internal UDGs, but the number is limited. Draw 15 gets round this.

The program isn't very user-friendly, but comes with a detailed manual which goes through the whole thing. The provisional version was, however, confusing, in that it was produced on a typewriter which obviously has no 1 key, just an I. And you need both. It is also supplied with character design grids. All in all, you get a lot for your fiver, if you're prepared to stick at it.

The results, however, are't very impressive as the POKE to the screen routine is slow and jerky. You can buy a Graphics Subroutine in machine code from Fowler and this will do the trick nicely. The trouble is that it costs £10 - which is far too expensive.


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