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Home Computing Weekly

The Secret Of Arendarvon Castle
By Addison-Wesley
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #96

One of the criticisms levelled at adventures by non-fanatics is the lack of instructions and documentation. One essential feature of a first-class all-text adventure is careful description of locations. These two facets of design are covered by this 'program in a book'. This is a book containing a Basic management program with a hex loader and page after page of hexadecimal code to enter, 20,200 bytes in all! It is suggested that you spread this task over seven days' work!

Is it worth it? Certainly, the presentation is plain text without capital letters. The answer has to be yes. Within the book is a wealth of information and clues, a guidebook, newspaper clippings on the goings-on, reporter's notes, maps, extracts from ancient scripts and drawings.

When I first looked at it, I was ready to dismiss it. Having read the book, I'm drawn into its mysterious world... fascinating! If you prefer, the publishers will supply the program on tape too, but at extra cost. An interesting innovation.