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Home Computing Weekly

Match Day
By Ocean
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #95

Without doubt, Match Day is the football simulation we've all been waiting for on the Spectrum. The graphics are superb, with smooth movement, untroubled by the usual colour problems, and a first class image of the field in 3D. Even the ball is well represented, with its own shadow shown when kicked high.

The game can be set up to suit you, from the colour of the players' strip, team names, degree of difficulty, and type of competition to the controls to be used. This is where two socket joystick ports come into their own. The game can be configured so that you can play against a friend, instead of just the computer.

All the features of a real game are here, dribbling, passing, receiving, a controllable goalie, throw-ins, corners, goal kicks, and of course, kick-off. You'll need to practise. Real skill is required here.

The whole package is characterised by professionalism from the illustrations to the instructions. A real masterpiece, and a must for your collection, even if rather expensive.


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