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Bridge Player
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #100

The future of computerised card games is assured high ratings, if the excellent standard set by this one is maintained.

The rules are not included nor need they be. A huge literature, devoted to the method and skills of Bridge, fills the shelves of your library or bookshop.

The game is incorporated within three main screens, using well-chosen colours and graphics that are adequate even one a Green Screen Monitor.

The bidding screen, the purpose of which is to establish the trump suit, accepts both Gerber and Stayman conventions.

The playing screen depicts the four hands in play, with the north/south partnership's cards revealed.

Around the perimeter are an indicator to show the lead hand and trump suit bid, a count of the tricks won and a pointer to the winning card which determines the next lead.

A boon to the less experienced player is the scoring screen. This computes the scoring system for each hand.

Control is through the keyboard, simply explained on the cassette inlay, along with details of the bidding.


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