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Test Match
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #99

Miniscule white men jerkily moving across a green background purport to depict a cricket match in progress.

With two innings for each side to play or a maximum of 400 overs for the match, I was bored long before this figure was reached. As if in anticipation, the obverse side contains a one day match, which is a much quicker game, though the graphics are still disappointing.

Careful team selection and astute decision making during play are essential ingredients to win. The user interacts with the game by deciding whether to run each time the ball has been bowled.

A full cricket scoreboard is used to display individual and team scores throughout the match.

Full marks for several excellent pages of instructions. These are loaded along with the program, the display being easy on the eye and the content easy to follow. Pity about the spelling mistakes. Some knowledge of the rules of cricket is assumed.

Test Match is a 'clonebuggy' - my word for a program hastily translated from one machine to another in total disregard of the full potential of the new hardware.


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