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Crystal Theft
By Wiccasoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #99

Four text windows labelled Location, Inventory, Message and Command occupy the screen throughout this traditional text only adventure.

Seasoned adventurers may find the lack of graphics to their liking, allowing their imagination to paint the pictures.

Permitting the use of the words "AND" and "THEN" to chain commands together, the advanced communications system is a considerate and helpful ally. Your task is to locate the communications crystal within the Vegan colony.

Directions include up or down, along with movement to the four compass points. Back-tracking is not allowed. A move north cannot be followed by a move south.

This necessitates a cautious choice of route. No chance to peep round the corner followed by a hasty retreat if danger lurks.

A time limit adds impetus. The time is reflected in total points scored.

Save and restore facilities are included, enabling the game to be played later.

Accompanying the cassette is an adequate instruction booklet and lengthy prologue to this fascinating adventure.


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