By Cronosoft
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Crash #3


It was only a matter of time before humans colonised space and if the blurb for Xenoblast is to be believed, it's only 200 years away. It was peaceful for a while until some rather un-peaceful aliens decided they wanted their universe back and took it upon themselves to try and take it by force.

They've taken over several human colonies in the outer regions and you, being one of the best pilots in the new world, have been assigned to take control of your Class 2 defence ship.

It's equipped with the required weaponry to see off these pesky aliens and make you the hero by restoring peace to the colonies once more. Hurrah! One pilot against hundreds of aliens may seem a little harsh in terms of ratios, but your ship is equipped with lasers and smart bombs - what more do you want? A parachute? No good in space, my friend!


So hop on in and see what delights await you as you fly into the air in the hope that maybe those aliens aren't such a good shot. Hmmm...

Paul Davies

Xenoblast is a vertical scrolling shooter, where you have to navigate your way around various landscapes and take out anything that moves. The passing scenery is nicely detailed with each level using the more vivid colours of the Speccy palette, bringing a stark contrast against the blackness of Space.

It's a game simple in premise but also a little simple in terms of gameplay and complexity. Sadly, this shooter is a little basic in that the enemy types are limited, and most can be avoided by just manoeuvring around them - without the need to fire a single shot.


It's the same with the bosses - their predictable paths make it easy to fly around without taking them out.

Chris Wilkins

This is a great little old-school shooter, where you have to dodge the scenery whilst shooting all the baddies, as you vertically scroll up the screen. The 'bomb' effect is lacklustre, everything else is nicely done. Worth a go!


Control Keys: Q, A, O, P, SPACE for Fire, H for Smart Bomb.
Joystick: Sinclair, Kempston.
Graphics: Simple details but do the job.
Sound: A cheeky and cheerful 128K tune and some adequate sound FX.
General Rating: A very simple game which struggles a bit through lack of challenge.

Paul DaviesChris Wilkins

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