Wonderful Dizzy
By The Oliver Twins
Spectrum 128K

Published in Crash #2

Wonderful Dizzy

When it comes to Spectrum characters, Dizzy is as big as they get. So when it was announced that a brand new Dizzy game was coming for the first time in 28 years - plus adding to that the Oliver Twins were going to be involved - it got a lot of people very excited. The closest anyone got to a new Dizzy game was the remake of Crystal Kingdom Dizzy released back in 2017, but now we have an actual, shiny, brand spanking new Dizzy game! If you were a fan of the Crystal Kingdom remake, then you'll be very pleased to know that the same team who created that game, are behind this one after getting the backing of Andrew and Philip Oliver.

In a story loosely based on the classic film "The Wizard Of Oz", Dizzy finds his beloved pet fluffie, Poie, on the wrong end of a kidnapping - not that there's a right end, I guess.

After a mishap involving Dizzy's flying house during a terribles storm, and the unfortunate positioning of an evil Witch, there's trouble abound. The sister of said evil adventues, solving puzzles, riddles, make the odd friend along the way whilst also avoiding the usual water hazards, high falls and this time around, the odd flying monkey or two.

Wonderful Dizzy

Paul Davies =---------- Wonderful Dizzy, I have to say, is an excellent instalment to the Dizzy franchise. It's classic Dizzy in the sense of gameplay but in this new chapter, it has a little more. There's the new look of the great egg himself as he's now fitted with a hat and backpack but there are also the added animations where he turns to open doors. A small addition you may think, but it really makes the difference. The little details are a joy - at first I found it odd that the opening screen was black and white but when leaving the first room, full colour.

Then the 'a-ha' moment hit me - it's The Wizard Of Oz influence, of course!

There's also a lot of added humour which tickled me greatly. From the pop culture and gaming references to the joyful little gid at the Spectrum's colour palette - and even the odd 'dad'joke - the smiles spread across my face as I went along, and stayed there for a good while too, I may add.

Wonderful Dizzy

The looks are excellent - bright, colourful and full of detail, topped off with some beautiful music too.

This is everything you could want in a new Dizzy game; the team have really pulled off a masterstroke here with the Twins' influence clear to be seen.

If you look back and think of all the classic Dizzy games that you loved on the Spectrum, this one is right up there with them and deserves to be regarded as one of the best.

Wonderful Dizzy

One word to sum it up? Wonderful, of course!

Gordon King

Dizzy returns with the je ne sais quoi ingredient that seemed to be lacking in the later games of this enduring series; The Oliver Twins are back at the designing helm and they still have the fire and passion of creating a great game and narrative. It's been far too long, and with repeated playthroughs of the back catalogue, this latest title feels so fresh.

All of the great Dizzy tropes are still here and I'm sure fans will get what they expect out of this Oz-like adventure. I think the story choice and level design is up there with the best in the series.


Control Keys: Redefinable.
Joystick: Sinclair/Kempston.
Graphics: Highly detailed and colourful.
Sound: Splendid AY music.
General Rating: A triumphant return to form for everyone's favourite egg!

Paul Davies

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