Dungeons Of Gomilandia
By RetroWorks
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash Annual 2021

Dungeons Of Gomilandia

Gominolo has been imprisoned in the dungeons of his home castle. A rival king wants his lands, hence Gominolo's incarceration. Unknown to the menacing monarch, Gominolo's unique ability is to lift heavy blocks that allow him to reach the lofty heights to where the keys for the dungeon are stored - his route to freedom.

Figuring out how to obtain the key for each dungeon door to move to the next area is the object of this multi-level, single-screen platform puzzler. It requires plenty of thought as some of the level designs are devilishly difficult. Gominolo is restricted in ascending by only one block, so when trying to reach the areas where the key is, the player needs to stack them wisely in a staircase-type formation. This takes time, moving back and forth to get the right arrangement of the coloured bricks.

Falling any more than a few blocks height proves fatal. Jumping, crumbling and deadly ones - all requiring different tactics to deal with them. Each level has its own bespoke time limit - some faster than others, depending on the nature of the dungeon at hand. As the game progresses, the thought process required to complete the level also ramps up. Luckily, and depending on your skill as a player, there are passwords to return to the later levels. There is also a Relaxed mode instead of the Standard arcade mode which allows for infinite lives and no time limit.


Dungeons Of Gomilandia

An original style of puzzler with variety in how to tackle a level. You are conscious of the time limit (if playing in this mode) as you move back and forth with the blocks - a few times I completed a level by the skin of my teeth. Though it's not the prettiest game out there, it's colourful and captures the early-years Spectrum spirit with some lovely sound effects like an old Ultimate title.

I don't want to spoil them, but you will identify them immediately you hear them. The password system is critical in games of this nature, so I like how modern ideas have been merged into an old-style game. This allows the player to return, minus the frustration of having to go over already completed levels. All in all, a decent effort which - a minor point - is perhaps a little too sluggish.


Will I ever learn? Puzzle game always sucker you in with a few easy levels to start off and then it hits you out of nowhere, and silly me fell for it. Dungeons Of Gomilandia is certainly a strain on the brain, tricky enough to keep even the most keen enigmatologist entertained. It's a little slow to run and with the varying time limited can seems a little unfair (but I love it when a clock falls on your head when you run out of time). I guess this is where practice comes in. The password system is a nice touch and certainly saves having to repeat levels, which keeps the interest in moving on.

Dungeons Of Gomilandia

In later levels the multi-purpose blocks require more planning to help you progress, adding to the challenge as you go. There are some really wicked levels packed in here which either push you over the edge. It depends on what mood you're in while playing, or your patience levels but, there's no taking away the well-constructed nature of the conundrums lying in wait. Altogether, well-made game enough to entertain for a good while.


Control Keys: Keyboard only.
Keyboard Play: A bit sluggish.
Use Of Colour: Nice, bright, colourful, not much clash.
Graphics: Mainly static sprites apart from main character - a bit ugly.
Sound: Familiar SFX, beeper music.
Skill Levels: Relaxed and Arcade.
Lives: 9
Screens: 54 single-screen levels.


A decent attempt at an original puzzler, plenty of variety between levels.

Paul Davies

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