Danterrifik III
By Matra
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Crash #3

Danterrifik III

Here's a light-hearted charming game to play to pick you up if you're feeling down. Actually, maybe not. You take control of Dan, who's found himself trapped in the Dantemonium Cathedral, being kept against his will and subjected to mental and physical torture.

Quite what he's done to deserve being here, I'm not sure. All we know is that he's being housed with some pretty nasty creatures, who are being punished for their evil, murderous actions. He wants out (well, who wouldn't?) and so he sees about trying to escape. The High Priest of the German Catholic Church has condemned Dan to this torture stating that "Life does not forgive weakness. You will have to pay for all those unpunished acts." Maybe Dan isn't quite so innocent but nonetheless, with those words ringing in his ears, he vies to make his way to the exit.

Those grotesque creatures mentioned earlier are lying in wait, and will take great pleasure in ending Dan's life, so he'd better have his wits about him - and also hope the sight of blood doesn't make him queasy. Any game that has a caution of explicit content in its menu does make you wonder what you should expect. How bad can it be? Well, pretty bad it turns out.

Paul Davies

Danterrifik III

Danterrifik III has a look you don't see much, black sprites against a white background is not the usual look for a Speccy game but this particular colour scheme works very well in creating its evil atmosphere. The first screen of this platformer you enter, shows an evil-looking priest at the end of the room, holding a head dripping with blood whilst bearing a swastika around his neck. I'm not an expert in these types of things, but I'm quite confident in saying that he's not the kind of person to invite around to your mother's house.

There are skulls strewn around the floor too, whilst bats circle above your head intent on sinking their fangs into you. So no, this isn't your standard cathedral where you can stroll around taking pictures of the stained glass windows and admire the architecture; here, death awaits around every corner, so I'd say that camera is best off staying in your bag.

Gameplay is standard platformer fodder, jumping over spikes, avoiding the moving enemies and timing jumps and falls as you do. There's something to be said about collision detection, and it's not something good. On occasion, you'll be surprised that you didn't die but, other times, it's way off. Another odd thing is the amount of lives you have and how you lose your lives. Starting with 100, which is only a good thing, they deplete by two each time you die.

In terms of the shock/explicit content, some of it is a little uncomfortable. The swastika-wearing priest and blood you can probably live with, but later on in the game there are images in the background that hint at a very strong representation of Hitler. This is a very controversial move and one that is maybe not needed.

The game's music is nothing short of brilliant though, and creates a really creepy atmosphere and is the outstanding feature of the game. Music aside, there's nothing too much here to grip you and, once you've looked past the controversial elements of the game, there's little else to keep you interested unfortunately.

Chris Wilkins

Starting with 100 lives should give you a little warning - this game will be hard, and probably a little unforgiving, and it is. It has a great aesthetic look, and the music does raise the heart rate - you end up chucking your lives away though, one after another until the game ends and the motivation to try again gets less and less.


Control Keys: O, P, SPACE.
Joystick: Kempston, Sinclair.
Graphics: Atmospheric and work well.
Sound: FX so-so, though the music is brilliantly done.
General Rating: Nice to look at and fantastic music, but lacking in gameplay.

Paul DaviesChris Wilkins

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