Mr. Hair And The Fly
By BitmapSoft
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Crash #1

Mr. Hair And The Fly

Mr. Hair has taken it upon himself to rescue and claim back the Magical Chalice which was stolen years ago from his home planet by an evil alien race, in the hope of bringing peace and harmony back to his world.

To do this, he must navigate this teacherous alien planet, searching for energy cells which open up doors and create gateways to once locked away paths, leading ultimately to the key chamber where the Chalice is being held.

Given that Mr. Hair is well, a single hair (albeit with a pair of eyes), this won't be an easy task; battling against a plethora of nasty alien creatures as well as negotiating other hazards found along the way.

Paul Davies

Mr. Hair And The Fly

The game starts off in the energy chamber which you can navigate back to at any point to replenish your health, should you feel it's getting a little on the low side - an additional feature in this game and a welcome change from the instant-death of the previous Mr. Hair game.

Mr. Hair only has the ability to walk left, right and jump and on occasion, climb up and down vines. There is no 'fire' option, so it's all about jumping and dodging your enemies to progress.

You'll find yourself doing a lot of back and forthing as you explore and try to progress. The reason being that the energy cells that you need to collect open relevant doors, generate more energy cells and make platforms appear and disappear. Mr. Hair And The Fly is a huge improvement over the original with the added features making this a more rounded game than its predecessor.

Mr. Hair And The Fly

Fun, but tough and with enough niceties to keep you exploring the colourful world Mr. Hair has found himself in.

Gordon King

The first thing that whacks you in the face in Mr. Hair is the colour overload. The game is also rather busy in each of its 40+ rooms, with monster mayhem going on in most of the locations.

Quite simply, it feels chaotic, and personally, I'd have liked the level design to be a little more restrained. I much prefer not to fight with the play area.


Control Keys: O, P, SPACE.
Joystick: Kempston, Sinclair.
Graphics: Bright!
Sound: AY music.
General Rating: A colourful, addictive and good looking game.

Paul DaviesGordon King

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