By Fusion Retro Books
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Crash #2


I like pie, so imagine my excitement when getting to play a game with pie in the title. Well, it's Pi in this case but, nevertheless, it sounded the same, so I think my level of excitement was justified.

What made me even more excited was that I heard you get to control said Pi, which made me think of one thing - into my belly it goes! OK, so I keep forgetting it's not that kind of pie. It's Pi. Pi. Right, OK.

So what is Pi and what do you have to do with it? Well, in this case it's him rather than it, and little old Pi is not really feeling a part of this world any more. He feels lost in this universe and is wondering if he even belongs here (a bit like me when I run out of Pi. Sorry, pie.), though whilst he's standing wide-eyed at the gates of oblivion, something pops through his letter box. A party invitation lands on his floor and invites him to enter the land of Mathematics, not knowing what will await him though when he arrives; he's met with numbers, triangles, turtles and a whole host of oddities (including a naked bloke or two in the bath).


Armed with his non-periodic laser, he must make his way past these bits and bobs to find out the meaning of his existence, and it's down to you to help him.

Paul Davies

There are two versions of Pi-Dentity with 48K and 128K editions available - the game being reviewed here is the 128K iteration. Whilst the 48K version has the usual excellent beeper music from virtuoso Rich Hollins, the 128K version features AY music from Pedro Pimenta and extra levels, including a story mode.

The game is a shoot-all-that-moves whilst avoiding the landscape affair, which goes about its aim very well. It's quick, smooth and has you hammering that Fire button like it's going out of fashion.

Chris Wilkins


A mention had to go to the great 'beeper' tune at the start of this surreal down-the-screen shoot-'em-up using the SEUCK engine.

You are Pi, yes you really are, and the aim basically is to see how far you can get through the levels with your finite number of lives, whilst shooting all manner of scientific thingies that come up the screen at you.

Totally weird and wonderful - all in one package.


Control Keys: Q, A, O, P, SPACE
Joystick: Sinclair.
Graphics: Nicely done - great Andy Green graphics throughout.
Sound: Excellent beeper and AY tunes.
General Rating: A very neat-looking game with some nice touches. Just the right level of toughness to make you come back for more.

Paul Davies

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