By Roman Cikryt
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Crash #3


Run for your life with me... Dave Groul once sang, and although Mr. Grohl was speaking metaphorically, Mr. Gikryt (the man behind this game) clearly meant it literally.

Here, it really is a matter of running for your life, as you find yourself in the middle of a very break future, where an AI-controlled media has managed to gain control of the human population by feeding information into their brains.

The rollout of nanotech vaccines didn't help the human race either, controlling the Earth's civilians further - to make them do what they were told. Only one person decided to fight against this regime and managed to escape (I'm not sure how, sorry, as the game's intro doesn't tell us!) and that person is you. You must make your escape from the controlled State by running as fast as your legs can carry you. You'll do this whilst being chased by guards who will have no hesitation in ending your life should they catch up. That's not very nice, is it?

Paul Davies


Run! has only two controls: up and down, but depending on how long each is pressed will determine what action your character takes. The character runs automatically, and at a set pace, so it's up to you to anticipate the obstacles that come your way and work out how to navigate them. Small obstacles can be vaulted over whilst others will either need to be climbed over or slid under - this is where pressing or holding 'Up' or 'Down' comes into play. A small jump requires a quick push of 'Up' whereas, if you need to climb an obstacle, you'll need to press and hold 'Up' as you approach.

'Down' will see you slide along the ground helping you get underneath and out of the way of anything thrown in your path. The timing of these moves is essential, so it's a good idea to get to grips with how long, or how soon, before you need to start pressing these directions.

Get it wrong, and it will really hit you in terms of increasing the distance between you and your antagonist and in terms of obstacles literally hitting you. Ouch.


The game has a very dystopian look about it, with your character a black silhouette set against a cyan background, with tall, desolate-looking buildings imposing a sinister look upon the city.

The game runs smoothly enough, though at some points, the scenery animation does become a little blurry. That said, it does not slow the game down at all. Run really does gather a pace the further you make it along each level, with your jumping, climbing and sliding adding tension - keeping you on your toes as you anticipate your next move. A simple game in theory but has an added finesse in terms of looks, and the tension it creates.

Chris Wilkins

Level 1. "Easy" it said. Right... I think I must be getting old and my reflexes are suffering for it. The concept is simple enough, just run - jumping and climbing and sliding over everything that comes towards you as you scarper from the guards.

When you see one catching you up, your heart skips a beat and the tension builds up no end - it really does. A good fun game and a little different to anything else.


Control Keys: Q, A.
Joystick: Kempston, Sinclair.
Graphics: Simple but effective.
Sound: Basic FX but a nice AY tune adds to the atmosphere.
General Rating: Definitely a 'one more go' type of game. It really makes you want to get just that little bit further each time.

Paul DaviesChris Wilkins

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