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Worlds At War: Chapters 1, 2 And 3
By Esteem More Than Equal
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #89

There are the first three parts of what is obviously hoped to be a long running sage. Chapter 1 is a cross-section of the planet Mars. Your task is to collect parts for your escape ship. The planet is breaking up, and you must dodge flying debris and dripping acid to succeed. Chapter 2 has you on board, attempting to refuel by aiming your fuel line at the tanker ship ahead. In chapter 3 you have landed on Earth but must defend yourself from the earthlings.

Graphically, this is far more sophisticated than you have a right to expect at this price. Although principally machine code, there is a Basic driver program. The result is a slight flicker.

On the other hand, you get very inventive screens in a unique sci-fi mock gothic style complete with 3D. My only quibbles are the lack of provision for joysticks: it's very hard without, and the return to demo mode every time you fail, is annoying.

All in all, very good. Well worth the outlay, though a little more programming time in the areas mentioned above would have been welcome.


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