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Home Computing Weekly

Colditz Adventure
By Phipps Associates
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #61

A split screen graphics/text adventure. Your aim, naturally enough, is to escape. An interesting set of objects litters the locations: floorboards, keys, broken glass, rope, a gun and so on.

The locations themselves are numerous and varied. If you fancy a crypt or a stone coffin it's here, together with wire fences, tunnels in various states of repair and lots of guards. Not only must you escape the castle but also get safely to the border.

The graphics are limited to a modest window and, in common with The Hobbit, don't show every location. They are simple but effective and are drawn extremely rapidly. The vocabulary too is limited to the simple phrases beloved by true adventure enthusiasts and the HELP feature is equally quirky. The words seem to be interpreted much more quickly than in other adventures I've recently seen.

The usual SAVE GAME routine is provided for use when patience, time - or both! - run out. I've seen the solution and the guy who wrote this is a saddist! Good fun.


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