Home Computing Weekly

Full Screen Editor/Assembler

Author: D.M.
Publisher: Oxford Computer Publishing
Machine: Spectrum 16K/48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #57

Used in conjunction with OCP's Machine Code Test Tool, this is an impressive piece of software. You enter your machine code and data in the form of mnemonics and decimal numbers respectively, next to pseudo line numbers, and move lines, whole routines, change stranges and so on using the editor. Alterations and input happen anywhere you place the cursor. A buffer holds your machine code, the source code and, if MCTT is present, you can try it out and alter it before the next stage.

The source code is translated in two stages and labelled with headers to allow loading into the area for which it is designed. This is now the object code. If, however, your source code contained errors, the assembler will tell you what and where, then it's back to the editor/monitor to sort it out.

Although superbly presented with an excellent manual, don't expect to be a genius in half an hour. Real brain bashing is required. A test game can be examined, altered and assembled to give you a real insight. Impressive, well-documented and real value, it also includes a character generation program.


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