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Home Computing Weekly

Intermediate Astrology
By Scisoft
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #112

If you're a beginner without a clue, this is not for you. Unlike most of Sci-Soft's work, the manual is very thing, and although it explains how to make the programs work it does nothing to help you understand the concepts involved or their importance. You will need a book from the library and some serious study to get going.

Four programs are included on the tape, giving seven different facilities. Constellations is a database of statistical data together with the ability to draw the constellations quickly, and selected galaxies can also be drawn prettily but very slowly. Moonphases, as it suggests, draws the moon in its different phases, and Doubles lists, draws and gives statistical information about double stars.

Planets fulfills a similar function as per title, whilst Saturn Draw does just that, but from any specified angle. The manual doesn't say what a Messier object is, but the program lists 102 of them in another section, and finally, Ephemeris calculates the juxtaposition of the planets at any data you care to input.

I am not qualified to comment on the accuracy or completeness of all the statistical data. I have to accept that they are accurate. I can say, however, that with the exception of the galaxy plot mentioned above, the graphics are uninspired, and are nowhere near the standard of current games; the linked menu structure is also cumbersome and returns to strange place after a choice. Disappointing, given Sci-Soft's record.


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