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Home Computing Weekly

Dungeon Builder
By Dream
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #66

This is a masterpiece. A complete do-it-yourself kit for creating a graphic adventure. Don't be misled by the title; you can create anything. The only real limitations appear to be time and your own imagination.

You mark out your adventure on a huge scrolling grid of eight sided rooms, each side representing a point of the compass. As you define each room, you open up passages, write descriptions, place objects and decide the verbs necessary 10 pick them up. Similar procedures are undertaken to create cliffs, stairs and monsters.

The really amazing bit is the facility to draw the pictures, You can gradually produce a really effective illustration in multicolours. This is then recalled When that location is reached.

You won't write your game in a day. It's quite hard. even given the excellent power at your fingertips. If you do create something great, you can save it to tape as a stand-alone adventure, or even market it. Dream gives its express permission for this. Outstanding.


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