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Home Computing Weekly

Words And Letters
By Webco
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #67

The child must type in the missing letter or word in these games. However, the context of the games is unexplained by the instructions, and the screen layout only confuses the issue.

Though the programs are designed for three-year-olds, the words chosen are totally unsuitable, belonging in the vocabularly of a nine-year-old. They appear to have been selected at random. Introducing speech marks to a three-year-old, as this program does, is ludicrous. Any any teacher knows you don't use capital letters to write whole words.

The letters to be typed are all vowels. Here again, the words in which they occur are totally unsuitable, the vowels to be supplied often break up the vowel digraphs like "ea" in "read"; and to cap it all, input an incorrect response and the program chastises you with ungrammatical "you should OF pressed...". At least one of the words is mis-spelled.

Though promoted as compatible with any Spectrum fitted with Interface 1, even a 48K runs out of memory!

Not only will this program not run properly, it is educationally, grammatically and linguistically unsound.


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