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Home Computing Weekly

Space Command
By Virgin Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #73

Presented in a standard cassette case, Space Command comes with a very informative inlay card which tells you about the game and its authors; a nice touch.

Set on an asteroid, complete with a city, rotating radar and communications dish, your task is to shoot down an almost infinite variety of marauding aliens. A force field protects the city but as the aliens crash into it, it gradually loses power, and ultimately is only capable of protecting the populated areas. If you fail to protect the radar installation you lose a life. Succeed and you enter a new star system.

Well presented, with facilities for keyboard and three different joystick protocols. You can watch the demo before sallying forth to do battle, choose your space-ship, and disarm the aliens, which makes life a bit easier!

The graphics are well done, though not of the highest standard in terms of smoothness. The action is very fast and furious as is the movement of your ship; very hard to control without joysticks. Sound is adequate, and, if you haven't had your fill of zap-kapow, you should enjoy it.


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