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Rally Driver
By Hill MacGibbon
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #94

This is an excellent simulation of a rally, complete with first class manual, and an essential map.

First you plan your route, enter drivers' names and the countdown begins. Your car's steering wheel is shown, and a speedometer. Using keyboard or joysticks you steer along a road through a nicely-executed 3D landscape with trees, farms, cows on the road, and mud! Get too enthusiastic and you're off the road with a time penalty. Your driving technique must be tailored to current conditions or else!

You race against the clock and a bevy of talented drivers. Miss out a time check or passage control and the penalties amass. This is where the map-reading and planning come in. By choosing the shortest route, and anticipating corners, time can be saved. You have to be really good to qualify for the next of the three stages.

This is a tricky, addictive and challenging game. A built-in save to Microdrive option means long loading can be avoided. Full marks but why the weedy sound? Perhaps the roar of an engine would have spoiled the graphics.


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