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Premier League
By E & J Software
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #104

This is a football management simulation written in just under 42K of BASIC. In it, you are the manager of a Division I team, and have to work your way up to the top, or face relegation. You can, equally be sacked for financial mismanagement.

At the beginning of the session, you can give your team a name, then examine the squad. For each member, all well-known named footballers, you are given position of play, skill rating and current form. At the same time, you may view the squads of all the other teams in the league. The same information is given, but the players are numbered not named. This becomes important when you come to buy or sell a player later, an interesting bargaining process.

From your full squad of IS, you choose who is to play, and who will sub. You may also choose to have training sessions. These may be very successful, in which case your players' skill improves, or may result in injury. When all this is done, it's off to the match!

The screen clears to show a football field from above, and at various points in the match opportunity is given to play your sub. Names of scoring players are given. The final result is incorporated in the league table.

If this all sounds like Addictive's Football Manager, it is! The difference is that it's slower, cheaper, and doesn't feature the match highlights. Not as good in my opinion.


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