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Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #58

This is a beauty! You are a fearless deep sea diver recovering sunken treasure. The snag is that the treasure is guarded by a succession of nasty sea creatures. The better you do, the nastier the mixture gets! There are 32 different screens, which should keep you quiet for a while.

The basic layout shows a boat on the surface and the diver below, connected by lifeline. Protected by his Quick-firing dart gun, he can be controlled from either keyboard or Protek / Kernpston joystick to collect the treasure. Diver and beasties scroll around smoothly with unpleasant, but nicely represented, things happening when fighting fish, giant squids and octopus get to you. Beware the crabs, which are impenetrable, and the hunter sharks which go for the lifeline. All in all, super graphics, but the sound, though good Quality, is a bit sparse.

The nice feature is that anyone can succeed to some extent; points are gained by shooting assailants. If you want to reach the next level however, you must collect the treasure. The result of this well judged level of difficulty is that there's something here for everyone, young or old, expert or beginner. Recommended.


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