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Home Computing Weekly

Video Pool
By Oxford Computer Publishing
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #117

Snooker et al was very popular on home computers last year. Now OCP adds pool to the library. Unlike its less sophisticated cousins on Casino Royal, there's no help here in transferring to Microdrive. There's a turbo loader in the way. They do share the same warranty disclaimer which seeks to limit your legal rights.

Given that there's no attempt to provide the illusion of 3-D, the graphics are rather well done, particularly the intro screen and hi-score table. Well done James Hutchby! Regrettably, the pools balls are displayed in glorious black. Controls are via Sinclair, Kempston or cursor joysticks, but are much less complete than Steve Davis' Snooker for example. Instead of placing a cursor on the target ball for direction, spin etc., the cursor is moved around the cushion, and the cue ball zooms straight for it at a strength determined by holding the fire button until the required power level is registered on a bar above. Three different games can be set up, and the option is offered to alter the table to set up trick shots.

The controls need a fair bit of practice, but after about 15 minutes I was able to reach a three frame game. and in the light of the complexity of the scoring system, I was glad my Spectrum was working it out for me.

Quite an adequate implementation. and certainly very playable, with solo and multiple player options, this represents reasonable value for money.


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