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Home Computing Weekly

The Solar System
By Eaglesoft
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #73

Unashamedly amateurish in its presentation - hand-drawn, black and white inlay card, EMI cassette and genuine ZX Printer instructions - this comes at an equally "down to earth" price.

Three separate blocks of code allow use on 16K Spectrums. The Solar System gives details of each member of the system with a very simple graphic representation showing relative size, using the Spectrum's PLOT and DRAW commands. Planetary Quiz puts you in the hot seat. You have to identify the planet from the description given. Planet Finder gives you lots of information on each planet.

All three are in glorious black and white and each one must be loaded by separate commands. The notes make it clear that the information has come from astronomy text books. That being so, the data will be quickly out-dated, but Eagle Soft promises an upgrade sheet.


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