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Home Computing Weekly

By Stell
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #58

A program designed to introduce young children to coins, various combinations of coins, notes, change and so on. It's rather unfortunate that the Government has decided to ditch the halfpence coin - because that's where the program starts!

All the coins are represented graphically, and someone has worked very hard to create near-likenesses. But they are only near likenesses and not replicas. Whether a child will relate the screen picture to the real thing remains to be seen.

It's unlikely an unaided child would be able to read the screen and manipulate the numbers involved in changing two fivers for a 10, or four fives for 20, let alone calculating change. As a result, Mum or Dad should be standing by. This being so, they could do this with real money which would be a much better experience for the child anyway.

To be fair, the designers have tried to make the program as simple as they can, but then, money's complicated stuff! Buy this program if you have no idea how to teach your child and some help, but do the teaching with the real thing, and lots of discussion.


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