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Home Computing Weekly

The Investment Monitor
By Michael Slatford
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #115

As its title suggests, this is a program to help record and analyse investments in various kinds . of stocks, shares and bonds. Written in BASIC, but with very well designed screens and input error traps, setting up is helpfully described using plain language in the accompanying documents. Instead of gelling bogged down in files, fields and records, the author refers to cards in a card index me, then introduces the notion of automatic calculations where relevant. Demonstration information is included, but not mentioned in the documentation.

Up to 50 separate investments can be catered for, and a menu allows selection of type: accumulation units, income units, reinvestment units, investment bonds, savings and insurance units, ordinary shares, and gilts. The layout of each card, and the nature of the calculations to be made is automatically tailored by this choice. Details are added in appropriate places on the cards, and when input is complete. you may then choose to review all your investments, or just look at one, update, sell, and amend current values. Analysis allows returns to be calculated overall, or on each type of investment.

Saving of both program and data can be made to either tape or Microdrive, and, if a printer is connected, built in software allows dumping of details, facilities that seemingly more' sophisticated programs lack.

Both the documentation and program are crystal clear to use, thus my only reservation is the cost. Those with a use for it, however, will certainly find it worthwhile.


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