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Home Computing Weekly

Supercode 1
Spectrum 16K/48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #67

This program contains 100 machine code routines for use in your own programs. Initially they are linked, indexed and demonstrated by a Basic program, which also gives details of the parameters which must be passed to them to tailor them to your specifications.

The variety is really stunning. The routines range from toolkits like compress, REMkill, renumber, etc to superior laser zaps, and a sound recording routine. Also included are at least 20 different ways of scrolling and colours, together with about a dozen different ways of protecting your program... and ON ERROR GOTO... and ON BREAK GOTO... if I describe them all I'll run out of space!

This program provides the sort of graphics effects you just can't get from Basic. If you are prepared to work hard with it, Supercode will help you achieve professional standards with no knowledge of machine code.

Just one word of warning. The program did crash when used with Microdrives connected, so follow the instructions for relocating the code carefully.


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