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Home Computing Weekly

The Dragonstar Trilogy
By Delta 4
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #86

This is a three part all-text adventure written with the Quill. Set in the quasi-medieval Dungeons and Dragons era, the quest is three-fold.

First, find the princess held captive by a dragon, and rescue her by defeating him. She guides you to the Lake of Fire.

After loading the second part, you find yourself at its southern edge with a new quest; to find the Golden Key of Seven.

That done, a message is revealed which launches you on the final conquest of the Dark One, and the destruction of the Dragonstar Crystal.

I didn't feel tempted to sit for hours trying to unravel Dragonstar's secrets. Perhaps it's just me, but it doesn't match other adventures I've seen.

Presenting the user with a series of hurdles loosely linked by descriptions relies overwhelmingly on his desire to beat the programmer. For me this is not enough.

The best adventures should surround you in a land of fantasy, draw you with an intriguing plot, challenge you to defeat wily foes, whilst holding your attention by rewarding you with a little success, and perhaps wit. Very few do.


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