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Eskimo Capers/Bouncing Berty
By Power
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #85

At this price, these games must be poor. Right?... Wrong!

At first, Eskimo Capers appears to be another son of Pac Man maze game, but here the maze is made up of snowballs which can be crumbled or fired at the chasers to get points. You can move the snowballs around to trap the chasers whilst you crumble! It's tricky and addictive. The graphics are quite small, but good, driven by machine code. Set up for the Kempston protocol, joysticks are a must. I couldn't leave the first level, so there's lasting fun here.

Bouncing Berty features a 3D pyramid of cubes, from the top of which bounces a ball. You must jump onto every cube before the next level is shown. Fall off or collide and you lose a life. Jump on a spinning disc and arrive in the hot seat at the top. Movement control is strange; there's no provision for joysticks. The game is fast, but fun. Again, all machine code.

I've seen poorer games at £6 each. Well produced, addictive, at a price to make even Mastertronic shudder! Great value.


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