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Home Computing Weekly

Space Shuttle
By Activision
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #99

This is a fine space shuttle flight simulator, though the manual which accompanies it really needs to be read carefully before blast off, because there's a lot to learn! There are three modes of play. The third one gives you full control, so start on the first, which is a demo, during which you can take over for practice purposes. The mission is to launch, achieve a pre-set orbit, rendezvous with a satellite, then re-enter the Earth's atmosphere and land.

Your screen shows the view through the cockpit windows, whilst below, a variety of instruments are shown, depending on the phase of the mission reached. All the major joystick conventions are catered for, and the keyboard overlay provided shows the location of other control keys for the engines and landing gear. Not only does the manual give very detailed advice, but also a guide to interpreting the messages from the "on-board computer" when the mission is aborted because you did something wrong!

Once you take control, you won't have time to look at the cockpit window, you'll be too busy watching your tracking display. It's very challenging, good fun, and will take some time to master. Excellent graphics, highly recommended.


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