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Werewolves Of London
By Viz Design
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #27

Werewolves Of London

On the flipside of Werewolves Of London is a music track called the Werewolf Rap - Silver Bullet Mix. This tune is designed to get you in the mood for the game, as you wander the streets of London looking for someone to eat.

Cursed by a family of sloanes you now grow excess body hair during the full moon and develop a craving for human flesh. The only way to free yourself of this curse is to kill.

The screen is split into two areas: a status area along the bottom of the screen and a flick-screen playing area covers the rest. The status area shows your blood level, objects carried, an icon of you and a sun/moon indicator. Your blood level starts the game full and decreases if you are damaged in any way. If you run out of blood, then you die.

The objects carried include things like tickets, torches and files. By selecting your icon the fire button switches from pick up/drop to jump. Jumping is very useful when you are on the rooftops. The wolf form can obviously jump better than the human form. The sun/moon indicator flashes when you are going to change form from man to wolf or back again.

London is a big place and sloanes frequent the streets along with policemen. Both are edible when you are a wolf, but the policemen are armed with silver bullets and if you are shot then you start to lose blood. The police will often capture you and then you'll end up in prison for the night. The sewers of London and the underground can be explored, but you'll need a torch.

The graphics are small and colourful, but they are not animated too well. In-game sound effects are simple and there is a continuous tune. The tune is the same as the record, Werewolves Of London, but it doesn't match up to the vinyl version.

Using objects as you explore the town is quite fun at first and eating people up is a nice change, but the game lacks something to keep you motivated to play it. The idea is fine but there is just not enough game in there.

Second Opinion

Reminiscent of Bride Of Frankenstein from the same team. That too was an enjoyable game as far as it went but they both lack depth. It needs to move away from the arcade concept and get more adventure action incorporated. I loved the record, but the game isn't as good.

Green Screen View

No problems, unless you don't like green blood.

The Verdict

Graphics 79%
P. Colourful graphics.
N. Not well animated,

Sonics 72% P. A reasonable tune plays throughout the game.
N. Effects are a bit limited.

Grab Factor 70%
P. Eating people is enjoyable.
N. Confusing at first.

Staying Power 61%
P. Removing the curse will take you a long time.
N. Lacks addictive action.

Overall 66%
P. A bit more game is needed.

Gary Barrett

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