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Amstrad Action

Peter Pack Rat
By Silverbird
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #41

Peter Pack Rat

A rodent's life is not a happy one, especially if you're a rat. Mice are cute and small, but rats look big and nasty. To owls, they also look tasty and insects don't seem that keen on you either. Not all rats are uncouth and messy, however: some are caring, considerate and tidy. You, for example.

You live in a little hut which is surrounded by ramps, pipes, wires and ladders. Littered around the area are bottles, cans and the like which make the place very untidy. The idea is to collect the objects to get to the next wave and then do it all over again. Not a sophisticated task, but not an easy one either.

An unusual option at the start of the game is for scrolling or flick-screen play. The latter is faster, but the former makes it a little easier to play because you can see your foes more easily: there's no stepping off the edge of the screen and bumping into an enemy!

Peter Pack Rat

The graphics are lacking in colour and, if you have the scrolling on, then the action slows down considerably. An irritating tune plays throughout the game.

A simple concept, Peter Pack Rat is really little more than a matter of collecting things and avoiding other things. It should keep new games player happy for a while, but more sophisticated players will find little to keep them occupied in the long term.

Second Opinion

How do you feel like being cast as a rat? Though this isn't the most original of games, but at £2 you can't go too far wrong.

Green Screen View

Mostly monochrome anyway.

First Day Target Score

Complete wave three.


Graphics 52%
N. More or less monochrome.
N. Slow and jerky scrolling.

Sonics 47%
N. A horrible one. Truly shocking

Grab Factor 63%
N. Just a matter of collecting things.
N. Lose a life and you have to start the wave all over again.

Staying Power 52%
P. Lots of waves to go through.
N. All very similar to each other.

Overall 58%
A game for new games players. Old hands steer clear.

Gary Barrett

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