Amstrad Action

Guerrilla War
By Imagine
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #40

Guerrilla War

Yet another country is under the domination of an evil and cruel oppressor. Some brave revolutionaries decide to rid their beautiful and war-torn homeland of tyranny. One or two rebels can take part simultaneously in Guerrilla War, a scrolling game of gratuitous violence.

After the number of players and controls have been selected, the first level is loaded from tape or disk and subsequent levels are likewise loaded. Fine for disk, but can be irritating for tape users. They'll just have to get used to it though because more and more games are often multi-loaded nowadays.

The right of the screen is a status area for each player. Health, ammunition, grenades and score are shown here. Health decreases with every hit you take until it's time to meet your maker (the demi-god Shu-te-mup). The rest of the screen has the scrolling playing area in which you massacre the oppressive hordes of enemy troops.

Guerrilla War

You have two weapons at your disposal: grenades and a gun. The former is more destructive, but you only have 50. Bullets are in infinite supply (very large magazine on the gun). In places there are tanks that you leap into and drive around in (not in the slightest reminiscent of Ikari Warriors is it?!) and blast away at your foes from.

They're armed with similar weapons and they stand around in tactical positions waiting to blow you apart. They're not very intelligent though and tend to stand in one spot shooting at where they hope you'll go. Pretty standard stuff for a shoot-'em up really.

Graphically Guerrilla War is disappointing with ill-defined sprites. Colour is used poorly and just makes the screen look untidy and glaring. Sound is bad too with indistinct effects, but a reasonable tune on the title screen. As a shoot-'em-up, it's not that bad, but then again it's not a wonderful game either. Although this and Victory Road are very similar in concept, the execution of Victory Road is better and so if came to a choice of the two go for Victory Road.

First Day Target

Guerrilla War

Score 5,000 points

Second Opinion

Running through a jungle and shooting the opposition to the revolution. Exciting? Nope, afraid not.

Green Screen

Not so glaring

The Verdict

Guerrilla War

Graphics 59% N. Flickery graphics. N. Gaudy colours.

Sonics 53% P. Good title tune.

Grab Factor 59% P. Two player blasting. N. Too tricky to begin with.

Staying Power 52% P. Five levels plus and end of level enemy. P. Blast, blast, blast!

Overall 54% A poor person's Ikari Warriors.

Gary Barrett

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