Amstrad Action

Operation Wolf
By Ocean
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #40

Operation Wolf

Put your thinking cap back in the cup board right this minute and go grease up your joystick arm.

Ocean's Operation Wolf is here and it's time for mayhem! A tin of boot polish and a headband are not essential, but they'll help you look the part as you set out on a mission to rescue some of your fellow soldiers who, very cleverly, managed to get themselves captured by the nasty old enemy (boo!) and are being held hostage in a concentration camp. It's down to you, you modest hero person you, to set them free and escort them to safety - reckon you can handle that? You'd better be sure, because if you ain't this is the wrong place to be.

Targeting the enemy involves moving a cross-hair sight around the screen using either the joystick or keys and then pressing fire, which turns the cross-hair into a bullet hole (or a show-er of earth spewing up from the ground if you're aim's a little off).

Operation Wolf

Mind you, it wouldn't be so bad if all you had to contend with were foot soldiers, but - like life - things are never that easy. There are also a set number of helicopters, tanks or gunboats to be destroyed. Polishing off these bigger baddies is not too much trouble if you've still got some rockets left, but if you haven't you're gonna have to rely on destroying them with machine gun fire. Death's not the only thing on your mind, though, because poor innocent defenceless people like nurses, passers-by and small children wander across the screen from time to time. And if you are stupid or callous enough to kill any of these poor, defenceless etceteras, your energy meter (which runs up the side of the screen) creeps towards the top. Should it reach the top, well, it's game over. Thank you and good night.

Fortunately, you can pick up some life-giving potions by shooting them as they scroll past on the floor. These knock your health meter down a few points - your health meter gets bumped down a few points when you complete a stage as well - so that helps too. You have to shoot ammo clips and rockets as they scroll past on the floor too because your supplies are limited and should you run out of ammo, well, let's just say your life expectancy is not going to be long!

Each level gets progressively harder, and halfway into the game the smart and selfish ones among the enemy even start wearing bullet-proof jackets. Some people, honestly, just show no consideration at all! That only leaves you with one option - shoot 'em in the head!

Operation Wolf

If you've played the arcade game (and who hasn't?) the first thing you'll notice about the game is how much faster the scrolling on the Amstrad is. That doesn't detract from the fun though, and the rest of the graphics are very colourful and well animated. Operation Wolf is manic action all the way: your brain cells won't get taxed but your joystick arm certainly will.

First Day Target

Complete stage 2

Second Opinion

This is as fast and frantic a game as I've seen in a long time. Fans of the arcade game wont be disappointed -unless you're expecting it to look the same, that is!

Operation Wolf

Andy's right, too, about the relative peace your brain cells will find: if thinking games are what you're into, forget this one right now.

But if it's excitement you want, come on in and join the fun!

Green Screen

No problem.

The Verdict

Operation Wolf

Graphics 94% Fast and colourful.

Sonics 75% Good sound effects.

Grab Factor 95% Instantly addictive and very tough to put down.

Staying Power 88% The levels start tough and just get tougher.

Overall 89% A brilliant arcade conversion.

Gary Barrett

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