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History In The Making: The First Three Years
By U. S. Gold
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #40

Welcome back, Spy Hunter!

History In The Making: The First Three Years

US Gold, who've around since July 1984, have decided to celebrate their third anniversary after four and half years. Well, it makes sense to them.

History In The Making is a truly awesome and appropriately gold-coloured package of 15 games from that three year period: the much-repeated Leaderboard (AA 21, 83%), which seems to be out on one compilation or another virtually every week, Express Raider (AA 21, 53%), Impossible Mission (AA 13, 85%), Super Cycle (AA 20, 71%), Gauntlet (AA 16, 93%), Beach Head II (AA 15, 42%), Infiltrator (AA 16, 75%), Kung Fu Master (AA 11, 72%), Spy Hunter, Road Runner (AA 26, 74%), Bruce Lee (AA 2, 88%), Goonies, World Games (AA 23, 70%), Raid (AA 2, 89%) and Beach Head (AA 1, 82%).

Amongst that lot there are quite a few Raves and only one real turkey - Beach Head II. Admittedly there are some decidedly average games too, and the bundle is very expensive, but if you've only just got your CPC then you'll get plenty of entertainment from this pack. Even if you do have some of the games already then it might still be worthwhile, since they work out at a paltry £1.67 each game for disk and £1.33 for tape.

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The Verdict

Overall 71%
Enough games to keep you going until the spring - at least!

Gary Barrett

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