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Amstrad Action

By U. S. Gold
Amstrad CPC464/664/6128

Published in Amstrad Action #26


Survival of the fittest is what this game is all about. Floating in space around a long dead planet is a huge spaceship. This ship is full of the inhabitants of a thousand worlds; you are amongst them. Your race is in danger of dying out and you are the only one capable of saving it.

There are ten incubators in the ship and you must introduce a pod into each of them. There are 142 rooms in the ship and these are split over four levels. The levels are joined by either vents or lifts. Both are used by standing next to them and squatting down.

You look remarkably like the star of the science-horror film Alien as you walk around the ship, or crawl along air ducts. You can also jump and higher jumps can be done by squatting first and then jumping. When in the vents you can cling to the roof by pressing the jump key.


Throughout the ship you will encounter some of the other races who drain your energy when they bump into you. To replenish your energy, you can find a white-coated engineer who you can eat. They don't appear to like being eaten, but it does you a world of good and looks nice too.

You can paralyse the aliens by spitting at them. The range you spit at depends on how long the fire button is depressed.

The graphics are colourful, but the animatton is jerky. Sound effects in the game are limited and ineffective. There is a good title tune, but there are no tunes during play.


The idea of for once being a savage alien merely trying to survive and to re-build its race is novel but unfortunately the game does not live up to its potential.

Second Opinion

It looks pretty enough and has nice touches like munching engineers - boy, do they look surprised! In the end it can't compensate for the basic lack of depth. Games where you just explore are really starting to bore me, particularly when you have to work out an awkward lift system. Still it looks okay and has quite a challenge to it so you could do worse.

Green Screen View

As you'd expect, aliens look okay in green!

First Day Target Score


Place a pod.


Graphics 68%
P. Large colourful characters.
N. Unrealistic animation.

Sonics 65%
P. Good title tune.
P. Reasonable eflects in the game


Grab Factor 0%
P. Eating engineers is fun.
N. Very contusing to begin with because of the ship's layout.

Staying Power 59%
N. Resurrecting your race will take a long time.
N. Basically a "collect the set" game.

Overall 63%

Gary Barrett

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