Amstrad Action

Victory Road

Author: Gary Barrett
Publisher: Imagine
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #40

Victory Road

With simultaneous two player action and a vertically scrolling screen packed with nasties just waiting to kill or be killed, this looks like Ikari Warriors. There are a few extras thrown in for good measure.

The playing area is in the centre of the screen and this scrolls downwards. On either side of the playing area is a score panel and the number of lives left for each player. You begin the game with six lives.

Your objective is to kill as many aliens as possible and generally blast your way to the top of the high score table. A truly original concept for a game is very rare, and this isn't one of them. You're armed with a gun, you've taken your shirt off because you're hard and you're in a mean mood. So monsters beware!

Victory Road

Each level is several screens high and is a mixture of open terrain and obstacles that get in your way. Some obstacles can be blasted out of the way but others are so stubborn that they just sit there and look undamaged. There are also some other objects that can be collected to enhance your firepower. Some obstacles can only be destroyed with a more potent weapon than the standard gun.

Your friendly neighbourhood foes come in several flavours: vampires, little green things, floating heads, spiders and more. They're tough little critters though and they take a single hit to blast, except for the heads which linger and lurk, doing their best to stay in one piece. You have as much resistance to them as they do to you, one hit loses you a life. Run out of lives and it's game over.

That's about it as far as gameplay goes; you walk around killing bad guys or you can walk with a friend and kill 'em together. When you come across one of the green squares, you can go through it and battle a big head; after which you return to the surface and shoot more little guys.

Victory Road

The scrolling is smooth and the graphics colourful - if a little lacking in detail. There are no tunes, but the sound effects are very good.

Even though Ikari Warriors is considerably older, it does have the edge - but that doesn't mean that Victory Road should be completely ignored. Have a look at the two and then make your choice if you want a gratuitous shoot-'em-up for Christmas. Both are very good games.

First Day Target

20.000 points

Second Opinion

Victory Road

Now if you've got to have Ikari Warriors clones, make 'em like this. Terrific!

The Screen In Green


The Verdict

Graphics 72%
P. Smooth vertical scrolling.
P. Colourful sprites and backgrounds.

Sonics 41%
P. Good effects.
N. Pity there's no tunes.

Grab Factor 78%
P. One or two player game.
N. Heads are tricky to deal with initially.

Staying Power 69%
P. Loads of aliens to deal with.
N. Repetition will get to you eventually.

Overall 74%
Not mind-blowingly original, but plenty of fun to be had in slaying things.

Gary Barrett

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