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By Dragon Data
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #53

A simulation of running a Viking holding in the year 750 AD. Basically text, a graphic representation of your holding is given at one point of the game.

You have to decide what to buy and sell, the amount of tax to be levied and how much food to give to the farm labourers, called thralls. There are seven ranks on the way to king/queen which, when achieved, signals the end of the game.

When each game begins you give the number of players - up to four - and their names. You also choose the difficulty level of up to nine. The success or failure of each player depends upon the answers given to a series of questions in each round which covers one year.

If the taxes are too high the thralls may revolt. Plague can overcome your holding or raiders may arrive to kill and steal. Good management can prevent any of these occurences.

The instructions are given in a booklet and the cassette comes nicely packaged in a video-type box.

A rather enjoyable and unusual game.