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Home Computing Weekly

By Voyager
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #55

A fast-moving arcade game covering three different screens.

Aliens have invaded earth and an endless stream of their fighters plunder the earth. You belong to a small band of freedom fighters. On screen one you must avoid the spacemines to get to the recharging stations to gain ammunition. On screen two you can use this to shoot your enemies. On screen three you must negotiate barriers to reach the top where you are rewarded with extra lives and ammunition. The sequence repeats until all lives are lost and each time the screens get more difficulty. Each has a time limit - on screen two, this increases by 50 every time you lose.

At the start of each game you can set and test the sensitivity of the joystick.

There are nine levels of difficulty which determine the number of lives you begin with. High score tables for each are maintained and these can be saved.

A Basic program needs to be loaded and this automatically loads the main machine code program. Loading caused no problems.


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